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About Us

AIDO Network International

AIDO is an International Not-for-profit, and knowledge-based nongovernmental organization established in 2018, as ‘Ateker International Development Organization with its headquarters in London and His Highness Paul Jones Eganda as its Global President.

AIDO promotes peace and respect through culture as a means for unity and sustainable development. with its objective, among others, to uphold the spirit of UBUNTU (Humanity or Human Rights) and thus promote social inclusion across all communities everywhere.

AIDO members, commonly referred to as ‘Aidoers’ work together through the organization’s local, national and international structures. The network is strengthened by its membership made up of individuals, cultural institutions, community groups and organizations, all committed to using their expertise locally to contribute sustainable development and social change.

AIDO has since widened its reach, with chapters in Germany, Ghana,
Kenya, South Africa, Togo, Uganda, USA, UK, and Nigeria in 2024


A better world with happier peaceful nations where people fully enjoy their human rights and have true possibilities to develop.


Transforming societies through cultural restoration, reviving African traditional governance institutions alongside ethical standards and moral values as the basis for peace, security and prosperity whilst being the voice of the voiceless throughout the world.


  • To promote cultural heritage
  • Develop and undertake capacity building activities to empower communities
  • Campaign and advocate for human rights
  • Network and lobby for support and development partnerships
  • To advance informal education
  • Investment in Sustainable development programs


  • To promote cultural heritage through preservation, documentation,
    and intercultural exchange
  • To deliver impactful social and economic programs in collaboration
    with education, health, inequality, peace, justice, and strong
  • To create direct and indirect employment through investment in
    programs for the youth especially in Africa
  • To significantly increase AIDO membership internationally
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